Introduction to the Director General

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Name and surname: Taghi Ghiyasi Tabar
Education: BSc in Electrical Engineering and Master of Transformation Management
The official trainer of the country’s technical and vocational education organization since 1998
Head of the Technical and Vocational Training Center of Ashtian from 84 to 86 years
Head of the Department of Education and Research of the General Directorate of the Central Province from 86 to 87
Head of the first and second level technical and vocational education center of Arak, from 87 to 90 years
Deputy Director of Education, Research and Planning of Alborz Provincial Directorate from 90 to 95 days
Head of the Applied Scientific Center of Shahid Raidari Karaj, from 94 to 95
Deputy Head of Administration and Support of the Alborz General Directorate from May 95 to December 95

Other responsibilities:
The expert and national referee of the National Skill Championship in the fifth and sixth cycles
Designer of the question and test of practical projects in the field of electricity
Founder of the Free Technical School in Electrical and PLC
Member of Employment and Investment Commission of the Central Governorate
Member of the Committee for designing and compiling a register of recruitment of the organization’s student
Organizational Expeditionary Observer in Periodic Tests in Khuzestan, Kerman, West Azarbaijan and Kermanshah Provinces
Member of the Committee for the Exploration and Development of ASD Centers
Member of the Working Group on the Compilation of the Road Map of the NGO

The head of the central sample facility in Markazi province in 2006
Head of the Central Office of the Central Office (2007)
The first rank in the realization of the octagonal axis on the birth of Imam Reza (AS) in the province of Markazi (2009)
Second place in the performance of free schools in the country (1390)
Earning the first rank of job centers in the country (1391)
Ranking first in counseling and educational guidance (1392)
Alborz Sample Employee at the Shahid Rajaie Year of the Year (1392)

سامانه سامد